mixingboard Are you a DJ Remixer or Producer?  Share your work with us!Since I first started Dbmlabs, one of my goals and visions of this small company was to help share and expose lesser known artists passionate about making music to share with others.  Sure, we all have our opinions on what’s good and what’s not, but the goal is to really help share with others what you’ve done and how you express yourself through music.  Music is so powerful that it crosses boundaries–geographical, racial, cultural, gender, ethnical, — you see the point.  I wanted to use this company to do more than just to create a brand to represent artists, but to help sponsor and promote DJ ‘s remixers and producers from around the world. This is the same vision we set out 3 years ago and still exists in the same form. We might not be a large record label with millions of marketing dollars, but at least we’ll take a listen to what you have and spread your love and passion with the rest of our fans.Contact us with your work and let’s talk!


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