Top 7 Cool Gifts for DJs under $100

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

gift boxes Top 7 Cool Gifts for DJs under $100
Let’s be honest. Receiving gifts, fun. Buying gifts, not fun. We know how hard it is to buy gifts for DJ’s, especially for your friends or family members who always say “I don’t know” or “I want [Insert $500 Gift Here] for Christmas”. We’ve compiled a list of cool gifts for DJ’s under $100 that your favorite DJ will use and abuse in spite of an un-kind economy. Let us know if you’ve come across some good ideas or gifts that are reasonably priced.

Ableton Live Intro 300x300 Top 7 Cool Gifts for DJs under $100

Ableton is one of my favorite new software products. This is a intro edition for the newbie producer that will get him/her off to a quick start for making and producing music. It will take about a good year to start producing to really learn, master and start producing good decent music before you can upgrade to the full professional version. I’ve played with this edition and it’s more than enough to satisfy a beginner producer’s appetite.

B001AYONXU 300x300 Top 7 Cool Gifts for DJs under $100


Ahh, the laptop stand. For someone who has no idea what a DJ Laptop stand is, it looks like a silly, illogical piece of metal that holds up a laptop. For performing DJ’s, this amazing piece of construction make it 1000x easier to DJ while watching the crowd and operating the equipment. The DJ stand, unless he/she already has one, is a must have for any DJ looking to get good at the craft.

B003SNXH1A 300x300 Top 7 Cool Gifts for DJs under $100
Novation came out with these “dicers” several years ago and act as midi controllers that fit onto any DJ setup and compatible with any DJ software. These dicers make a great addition to a DJ’s repertoire when it comes to mixing and mashing up music quickly and elegantly on the dance floor. I really like how the dicers fit into the setup comfortably without having to go above and beyond to access it

41SQ t6kg9L. SL500 AA300  Top 7 Cool Gifts for DJs under $100
You’re wondering, what is a banana stand doing in a dj gift list??  This is one of my favorites — a banana stand used as a headphone stand! It’s amazing, take a look at the reviews and see the great ratings that everybody gives it. It goes to show creative uses for normal everyday products, even a banana holder can find value in a DJ’s gear box.

64gb usb stick 300x300 Top 7 Cool Gifts for DJs under $100 Top 7 Cool Gifts for DJs under $100
No DJ, and I make a very important point here, NO DJ can ever have enough usb sticks. I have about 10 and I either have given them to people to borrow (never to be seen again) or have filled all of them with a load of music ready to be played at an event. I can’t imagine any DJ traveling without a USB stick or external USB drive. I’ve specifically chosen the 64 GB usb stick because its got tons of space and DJ’s will always tell you they never have enough space. I bought a 1TB (that’s 1,000 GB, or 1,000,000 MB) and it’s almost full!! Ridiculous! Get your DJ at 64 GB usb stick and they’ll be very thankful.

B001UEBN42 300x297 Top 7 Cool Gifts for DJs under $100

Don’t tell anybody but I bought a bunch of these speakers because after I heard them once, I was just amazed at how loud they actually were. My first impressions, before hearing them were biased because I’ve never heard a good set of mini speakers that don’t sound like you’re playing them from a cell phone. If you’ve ever shared music from your cell phone by playing it really loud, that is NOT how this sounds. It really sounds like a good set of speakers played at a lower volume. Obviously due to the size of the speaker, they cannot be played for more than a crowd of like 5-6 without being drowned out in conversation but for a DJ who doesn’t want to listen to music through the headphones, this is the PERFECT addition to tech savvy DJ. There are also other alternatives to other mini speakers Top 7 Cool Gifts for DJs under $100

cadence charcoal 2011 Top 7 Cool Gifts for DJs under $100
You knew we wouldn’t finish this list without listing our own collection of great gifts for less than $100. In fact, we offer a great option for a gift that is meaningful, affordable and unique. Take a look at our dj apparel collection and if you get more than 1, you get free shipping. I’ll get off my soap box now, go do your shopping!

Make sure to make your recommendations below.

flip1024x768 dj forums down? What happened? Update! Its coming back, be patient!
One of our partners in the DJ scene, has been down lately, and all of us are wondering what the heck is going on. I recently had the chance to speak with the owner who is currently working to get it back up. Without going into the details, hosting has been less than kind and they’re working on getting it moved and re-hosted. So yea! Please be patient and let’s look forward to seeing back up and working. The expected date is the next week or so, but we will see. There is a lot of “stuff” that needs to be transitioned and migrated so it won’t be a simple 1-2 click. Let’s see what happens.

Cyber Monday/Tuesday 35% off!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

cybermonday Cyber Monday/Tuesday 35% off!We’re going to break it out to you early unlike other people, we’re letting you know we’re going to have our Cyber Monday starting 11/28 until 11/29 and we’re giving you 35% off everything in store. Great time to get your gifts because it won’t last long! Use coupon code CYBER35 starting 11/28 midnight and get it while it lasts!

New Dbmlabs Derezzed Shirt!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

What’s up party people’s!?  Been busy playing with some new DJ toys, picked up Ableton and an APC40 recently and it’s been just keeping me so damn busy! We’re releasing our last tee of the year, Derezzed.  This one was a lot of fun, inspired by the movie Tron which came out almost 1 year ago but we still love it. So enough said, enjoy!
derezzed brown 2011 New Dbmlabs Derezzed Shirt!

derezzed purple 2011 New Dbmlabs Derezzed Shirt!

popular djs Most popular DJs Volume 2 September 2011Our last edition of popular DJ’s, presented us with the most popular dj’s that were being searched on the web.  Our newest and latest edition brings up similar DJ’s, but also some new ones who have quickly gained ranks on web for many different reasons.  The way we determine the most popular DJ’s is to leverage the google suggest feature which suggests terms and phrases based on search popularity.  The list that is provided comes up in search popularity and we use this as a baseline to see who are the most popular DJ’s  that have made this new list.  Let’s take a look!

dj khaled Most popular DJs Volume 2 September 2011

DJ Khaled

Not a new name to our most popular dj’s list, DJ Khaled continues to gain popularity due to his collaborations with heavy hitter mainstream artists such as Dr. Dre and Fat Joe .  It’s also no coincidence that he always collaborates with the newest most popular hip hop artists and recently did performed at the BET music awards earlier this year.  He continues to top the search engine charts on Google with his mix tape releases and big name collaborations.

 Most popular DJs Volume 2 September 2011

DJ Mehdi

Unfortunately for DJ Medhi, his rise to popularity on the google search engines is a result of his tragic death.  He was most known for being a DJ and producer in France and collaborated with electro artists such as Daft Punk and Chromeo.  His death came tragically after his room collapsed in his Paris home.

djearworm Most popular DJs Volume 2 September 2011

DJ Earworm

As mentioned in our last popular DJ’s post, his ranking on google is no surprise as his exposure and popularity is a result of his famous “United States of Pop” which encompasses rich and intricate mashups of mainstream top 40 music throughout the year.  He continues to release his mashups and his next one is slated to be released December of 2011.

dj am Most popular DJs Volume 2 September 2011


In spite of his tragic death in August of 2009, DJ AM continues to rank high amongst the searches on Google due to his high celebrity status associates and mainstream popular mashups and mixes.   Many up and coming club DJ’s continue to follow in suite of his style mixing and mashing genres from 80′s and 90′s into current mainstream pop.

dj shadow Most popular DJs Volume 2 September 2011

DJ Shadow

 DJ Shadow, aka Josh Davis primarily serves an underground entourage with a overzealous following for his unique and eclectic music.  His musical repoirtoire consists of a variety of different genres ranging from electronic, hip hop and turntablism.  His work is featured in the popular DJ Hero  and has collaborated with numerous of artists and recently released “The Less You Know The Better” on September 22 and plans to kick off a tour in his home town of  San Francisco on October 21st, 2011.

djlildebbie Most popular DJs Volume 2 September 2011

DJ Lil Debbie

DJ Lil Debbie is part of the Kreayshawn entourage (Kreayshawn recently signed a 1 million dollar deal with Sony) so her popularity helped the rise of DJ Lil Debbie, better known has Kreayshawn’s sister in her group White Girl Mob.  To be honest, there’s not much to say about DJ Lil Debbie as her popularity is high due to the rising popularity of White Girl Mob.  Let’s see where DJ Lil Debbie appears in next months edition of most popular DJ’s.

dj paulyd Most popular DJs Volume 2 September 2011

DJ Pauly D

 DJ Pauly D is nationally known due to his role on MTV’s popular reality Jersey Shore.  He’s been able to cash in his popularity on MTV by scoring big gigs around the world and score a residency at the Palms Casino in Sin City Las Vegas.  Despite the negative notoriety he is associated with, he recently participated in the 9/11 Tribute Movement.   His work has slowly progressed from DJing into production and studio work and has come out with several house songs featuring himself.

Dbmlabs Clothing Cadence Shirt released

Thursday, September 22, 2011

cadence charcoal 2011 Dbmlabs Clothing Cadence Shirt releasedcadence white 2011 Dbmlabs Clothing Cadence Shirt released

We’re finally releasing our candence tee, but guess what? We have it in Long Sleeve as well. It’s just in time for the winter as it slowly creeps in on us. It’s our first long sleeve offering and it’s quality matches that of our short sleeve tees. Check out the new tee now!

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