DJing coming to an end?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is DJing coming to an end? We all knew Afrojack was doing some biz-ness with Paris Hilton but seeing the fruits of his labor makes me wonder why he even bothered in the first place. Paris, dressed up in almost lady gaga like clothing dancing and singing makes for entertainment for the eyes and not the ears. For most of the video, she’s just mucking around with the FX and watching the music mix itself was inevitable. Maybe this is exactly what the world expected as she makes her DJing debut?

timofey Timofey in the studio with Dbmlabs Cadence Tee

DJ Timofey sent us his latest photo from the studio in Miami where he’s working on a secret project of his yet to be released.  He’s gonna be busy the next few weeks and hopefully we’ll get to meet up in Miami where I can get the low down on his newest work.  Check out his latest work on Timofey’s website and be sure to keep a lookout for his latest creations!  He’s got quite a following on youtube where he’s recognized as an Ableton master, providing tutorials and video guides on mixing and producing.  Check out his latest video, it’s just sick!

New Dbmlabs Derezzed Shirt!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

What’s up party people’s!?  Been busy playing with some new DJ toys, picked up Ableton and an APC40 recently and it’s been just keeping me so damn busy! We’re releasing our last tee of the year, Derezzed.  This one was a lot of fun, inspired by the movie Tron which came out almost 1 year ago but we still love it. So enough said, enjoy!
derezzed brown 2011 New Dbmlabs Derezzed Shirt!

derezzed purple 2011 New Dbmlabs Derezzed Shirt!

Dbmlabs Clothing Cadence Shirt released

Thursday, September 22, 2011

cadence charcoal 2011 Dbmlabs Clothing Cadence Shirt releasedcadence white 2011 Dbmlabs Clothing Cadence Shirt released

We’re finally releasing our candence tee, but guess what? We have it in Long Sleeve as well. It’s just in time for the winter as it slowly creeps in on us. It’s our first long sleeve offering and it’s quality matches that of our short sleeve tees. Check out the new tee now!

Fan Fridays DJ Luke Skyy

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Luke Skyy Fan Fridays DJ Luke Skyy

We apologize for this late edition of Fan Fridays, it’s been busy, we’re doing some cool stuff and printing some new shirts so forgive us.  Without further ado, let’s bring on Luke Skyy for this edition of Fan Fridays!.

When Luke moved to California to attend the University of San Diego he was exposed to some of the best nightlife and dance music the country has to offer. Experiencing performances by artists such as Deadmau5, Kaskade, Chris Lake and Funkagenda inspired Luke to get behind the decks and put his creativity to work. It wasn’t long before he was spinning downtown in the historicGaslamp District and incorporating his own remixes into every bass infused set. With a focus on bringing energy to the dance floor and a unique presence to the DJ booth, Luke’s values are synonymous with Dbmlab’s passion for powerful music and innovative apparel. Check out his latest remix of the progressive genre defining track ‘Deadmau5 & Kaskade – I Remember’ featuring new synths and vocals by Sylvia Tosun.  Luke  Skyy has been a fan of Dbmlabs and recently picked up a Paired Down tee as part of his collection.

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neworder Dbmlabs Brand Having Sales! 20% off New Order Shirt!We rarely have sales but it’s about time we clean out some of our collection to create room for new ones. Our first shirt we’re putting on sale is our deliciously designed New Order shirt.  One that takes us back to the beginning when we started our clothing company, it’s time that we let it retire and go down in history.  I believe we released it first when DJ Shiftee had performed back at one of the first DMC competitions we sponsored but we couldn’t find that picture so here’s a video that we do have of him!

The new order shirt features a full front array of colors from both ends of the spectrum and a sleeve print.  Printed on 100% cotton for comfort.  What better way to celebrate beginning of school than to grab one before it runs out!

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