We’ve updated the most popular DJ’s list for September 2011 here!.  In the spirit of the new Google Instant that has revolutionized the way people search, we decided to use an old feature of Google, the Google Auto-complete feature to see who and what are the most popular DJ’s and top dj’s in the world for the year 2010 searched on the web.  The results, as of 9/17/2010 are shown below:

DJ Earworm
DJ Tiesto
DJ Shadow
DJ Khaled

google dj fun Most popular DJs on the Web according to Google

According to Google, the most popular DJ’s on the web are:

1. DJ Earworm

dj earworm united states of pop Most popular DJs on the Web according to Google

who he is: An San Francisco based mashup dj/producer/remixer

why he’s popular: I personally heard him several years ago before his mashups were being played on the radio.  His mashups are technically sound, precise and he does a good job of making the extra effort to drop in custom samples to round out the mix.  He rose in popularity from his billboard mashups that received (deservedly) national radio play around the nation, and even the world.  He went on to gain internet popularity, posting his mixes available for online downloads.

Here is an excerpt from his website, where he humbly explains what he does. I’m sure what he does is a little more complicated than the way he presents it:

“Basically, what I do is take a bunch of songs apart and put them back together again in a different way. I end up with tracks called mashups, which I post to this website.  I also DJ with my laptop.”


2.  DJ AM

dj am rip Most popular DJs on the Web according to Google

who he is: An American DJ who rocked the parties for hollywood celebrities with his eclectic mix of mainstream, 80′s, 90′s and rock blends.

why he was popular: While many have questioned his true djing techniques and artistry, it’s undeniable that his ability to rock the celebrity crowds till the early morn has what earned him a respectable legacy despite his unfortunate and untimely death.  He has worked with the likes of Will Smith and Madonna, and earned himself celebrity status on several shows including ‘The Entourage’ where he stars as himself.  He’s definitely got big shoes to fill.

“Adam Michael Goldstein (March 30, 1973 – August 28, 2009) was an American club DJ and musician better known as DJ AM. Goldstein was a member of the rock band Crazy Town, co-owner of a management company called Deckstar and worked on albums for Papa Roach, Madonna, and Will Smith, among others. He was a frequent collaborator with Travis Barker of Blink-182 and appeared on several television series.” — from his wiki entry


3.  DJ Tiesto

dj tiesto in search of sunrise Most popular DJs on the Web according to Google

who he is: A Dutch electronic DJ, producer, remixer

why he’s popular: Needs no real introduction with his “In Search of Sunrise Series” and ability to draw in crowds the size of stadiums. Here’s an excerpt from his website:

“Inspired by the likes of U2, he invested heavily in the live aspect of his sets, employing his own sound, light and visual crews, creating arena-friendly dance music spectaculars. In 1997 he formed his own label, Black Hole Recordings, to release both the records he made himself and ones made by likeminded electronica visionaries. He has been nominated for a Grammy, had worldwide hit singles (his remix of Delerium’s Silence featuring Sarah McLachlan; Dance4Life featuring Faithless’s Maxi Jazz), performed at the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympics with music he composed especially for the occasion, wowed the rock festival crowds at Coachella, and remixed the likes of The Killers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Bloc Party. He is, in short, the biggest DJ in the world.”


4.  DJ Shadow

dj shadow Most popular DJs on the Web according to Google

who he is: A hugely popular underground hip hop dj/turntablist/producer

why he’s popular: He’s been credited for many things including the development of instrumental hip hop and pushing the envelopes for sampling and production of hip hop instrumentals.  DJ Shadow has worked with high profile artists such as Q-Tip, E-40, and Cut chemist along with his participation in the hugely popular DJ Hero game.  He even appeared on David Letterman in a performance role with Q-Tip.   From his website:

“DJ Shadow (born Josh Davis) is widely credited as a key figure in developing the experimental instrumental hip-hop style associated with the London-based Mo’ Wax label. Inspired by hip-hop’s early years, he then grew to absorb the heyday of crews like Eric B. & Rakim, Ultramagnetic MCs, and Public Enemy; groups which prominently featured DJs in their ranks.

Josh “Shadow” Davis had already been fiddling around with making beats and breaks on a four-track recorder while he was in high school in the NorCal cow-town of Davis, but it was during college that he co-founded his own Solesides label as an outlet for his original tracks. Hooking up with Davis’ few b-boys (including eventual Solesides artists Blackalicious and Lyrics Born) through the college radio station, Shadow began releasing the Hip-Hop Reconstruction mix tapes in 1991 and pressed his 17-minute beat-head symphony “Entropy” in 1993. His tracks spread widely through the DJ-strong hip-hop underground, eventually catching the attention of Mo’ Wax.”


5.  DJ Khaled

dj khaled we the best Most popular DJs on the Web according to Google

DJ Khaled We The Best Album Cover

who he is: A Hip Hop DJ, producer and record label executive who

why he’s popular: Nominated as DJ of the year multiple times by BET, DJ Khaled has worked with major hip hop artists such as Fat Joe, Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, and Nelly.  Here’s an excerpt about him from his wikipedia entry (doesn’t seem to have a legitimate website:

“Khaled Bin Abdul Khaled (born November 26, 1975), better known by his stage name DJ Khaled, is an American record producer, radio personality, DJ, and record label executive. He is a radio host for the Miami-based urban music radio station WEDR and the DJ for the hip hop group Terror Squad. In 2006, Khaled released his debut album Listennn… the Album. Following were We the Best (2007), We Global (2008), and Victory (2010). In 2009, Khaled became the president of record label Def Jam South.”


Of course, these google results never represent the true popularity of DJ’s and even to realistically measure “popularity” of a DJ is truly impossible.  DJmag puts out a top 100 DJ’s in the world (mostly electronic dj’s) but even this list has stirred controversy.

Do you think there is a good way to rank and rate mix DJ’s?  By the way, while you’re here, come check out some of our Dbmlabs brand dj clothing.  We sponsor and recognize talent when we see it!  Support the effort!

landscape black 2010 Most popular DJs on the Web according to Google

Here is Part 2 of Dan’s Summer Soundtrack Anthems that you DON’T want to miss! Continued from Part 1

8. K-OS – Fly Paper |Virgin Records America, Inc.|

Canada’s Kevin Brereton, otherwise known as K-OS (Knowledge of Self), is a man who invites all types of sounds into his world. K-OS does a great job of incorporating elements of funk, soul, rock and reggae into his intelligent rap sound. Fly Paper is no exception to K-OS’s philosophy. Despite the killer beat, bassline and reggae-esque guitar stabs on the upbeat, this track has a great sing along factor to it. The hook can be applied to so many everyday situations. Other great tracks off of Atlantis: Hymns For Disco are the anthem Sunday Morning and the epic Ballad of Noah. Joyful Rebellion’s The Love Song is another essential K-OS cut- if not a classic in its one right.”I’m not one to repeat myself,But if it ain’t broken,Don’t fix it.I see you burning all that midnight oil,But I’m caught between a rock and a hard place.That’s why I’m walking in the city with a hard face.Seems I’m afraid of being afraid.”

9. Omar S- Day |FXHE Records|

Day is a cut that the entire family can circle around- even grandma. The hook is a sampled vox sample, slightly longer than a cut, from The Supremes classic Come See About Me. Even though it’s a short sample, one can definitely hear the tambour of Diana Ross’s voice. This track is the epitome of the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) philosophy. Although rather simple and basic, this track gets away with it’s monotonous feel due its jacking beat and slamming bass line. The true beauty of this song, besides the classic vocal sample, is the subtly and delivery. Omar-S is a staple in Detroit’s most recent generation’s crop of techno and house producers. This type of sample-ladened, filtered house music is becoming relevant once again. Other recent and young producers who have mastered this particular vibe are Detroit’s Kris Wadsworth and Stuttgart, Germany’s Motor City Drum Ensemble (Danilo Plessow).

10. MSTRKRFT ft. John Legend- Heartbreaker |Dim Mak|

Master-craft is a Canadian group comprised of Death From Above 1979′s Jesse F. Keeler and Girlsareshort’s Al-P. They have remixed everyone from Justice to Bloc Party and continue to promote their indie based sound by collaborating by some of the music industry’s A-List. MSTRKRFT has a great ear and certainly doesn’t discriminate. They team up with John Legend to create such a great piece of music that just swirls around the icon’s melacholy voice and lyrics. This track does an even better job of bridging gaps and crossing over to the different realms and scenes of the music industry. Their debut album also features the cuts Word Up ft. Ghostface Killah and 1,000 Cigarettes ft. Freeway. Immensely interesting duo of rappers to choose from being that Ghostface and Freeway have very similiar, if not identical, voices, flow and delivery.

11. A Taste of Honey- Boogie Oogie Oogie (12” Special Disco/John Luongo Remix)|Capitol Records|

A Taste of Honey was an American disco and R&B group formed by Perry Kibble and Donald Ray Johnson. Along with being known for this awesome song, A Taste Of Honey was unique for the fact that they had two lead females, bassist/singer Janice Marie Johnson and guitarist/singer Carlita Dorhan. After being discovered by Capitol Records while on the road and doing USO tours, they began calling themselves A Taste of Honey, an ode to Herb Alpert’s super classic track. When the intro of Boogie Oogie Oogie comes on over the speakers, it immediately transforms the mood of the moment. The intro gives just enough time for one to prepare for the insanity to follow.

12. Pet Shop Boys- Domino Dancing (12” mix) |Parlophone| (1988)

Neil Tenant and Chris Lower are perhaps the great (synth) pop duo of all time. With a career that spans over 25 years, the Pet Shop Boys continue to make people dance and smile all around the world. While America struggled with their sexuality and the sounds of grunge, PSB toured the world and mastered their craft. They have sold over 100 million records world wide and since 1986, they have had 42 Top 20 singles and 22 Top 10 hits in the United Kingdom including 4 number ones. At the 2009 BRIT Awards, Tenant and Lowe received the Outstanding Contribution To Music Award. It’s also no small coincidence that there major influences are David Bowie, Liza Minnelli and Dusty Springfield. Domino dancing is a track that can be and is interpreted in so many ways. More often than not, in perverse ways. While the track is literally about Chris Lowe’s competitive nature and his love affair with dominoes, the video, although beautiful, says otherwise. After critics get done interpreting this great cut, they usually move onto the video and try to siphon that as well. This 12″ mix is better solely because it’s longer.

13. Gangstarr- Royalty |EMI Music|

A Premo beat has the ability to place its listener in a different time period or a different place. Guru’s voice, lyrics and delivery are nothing short of hypnotic. The vocal hook by K-Ci & JoJo round out this track quite nicely and one feels like you’re in an alternate universe. This is is one of those cuts that mean something to everybody depending on where one heard it for the first time. These are sounds that will never die and will always maintain their freshness.

14. Raekwon ft. Ghostface Killah- Criminology (Produced by RZA) |Loud Records|

One has a hard time thinking of a better, nastier and more ruthless of a combination than Pretty Tony and the Chef. When Tony Stark and Lex Diamonds spit over a RZA track, greatness and exemplar work is not far too behind. This tracks flows like no other and it sounds dope coming out of a boom box, stereo, car or club. The Tony Montana vox sample ups the intensity right before the bass drops in and the track is off to the races. One of those selections where one could have easily swapped in their favorite Ghostface and Raekwon track, especially off of Built 4 Cuban Linx, instead of this one- they’re all great.

There it is. I bet your brain and ears got quite the workout. One must understand that good shtuff is good shtuff- whether it is one’s cup of tea or not. Sliding any one of these tracks in your collection and/or set will most certainly cause havoc on the dance floor. With modern advances in technology and DJ software, the “DJ-Friendly-ness” of a track should be irrelevant. If there’s a will, great DJs will always find a way. Programming is foundation of being a disc jockey. Knowing the right thing to play or do at the right time is really a subjective topic, but the dance floor will always let you know. It’s important to make the mind dance as well as the body. Music could make the dumbest and dullest individual feel like an intellectual. The power (or burden) is in YOUR hands! I encourage one to dig deeper if you like these artists and see how far down the rabbit hole one can reach. Article brought to you exclusively by our author and editor Dan.

summermiami Top 14 Dbmlabs Summer Soundtracks of 2009 house/dance/electro edition
14. That’s right- fourteen tracks listed below. Not 10, 15, 20, 25, 50 or even one hundred. These fourteen tracks listed below are the epitome of summer tracks. We live in a world that is absolutely obsessed with the process of classification- whether it may be a system of applying certain genres (and sub-genres) or listing objects in multiples of 5 or 10. Who cares I say- this list is to provide one with summer sounds. I would also like one to forget about the concept of genres or tags. There’s no room for objectivity in music, as music is completely subjective, but there’s certainly room for diversity. Diversity is the hub of creativity. In a marketplace that has been over saturated with music and performers (NOT excluding DJs), one’s sound must be unique, particularly marketable and dance floor driven one way or another. By dance, I’m simply referring to the ability of a piece of music to groove. Sometimes, not even a “beat” is needed, just an overwhelmingly great sense of rhythm. As seen with the recent emergence of the UK’s dub-step sound, perhaps only a 2step rhythm or wonky bass line is needed. Dance is perhaps even more expressive at times then the most obscure music track we have lying around the shelf, wallet or hard drive. The only theme or correlations between these tracks are the ability to make that summer sunlight shine even brighter and stretch the smile even wider. That’s all. A majority of these selections were not technically “released” in the summer, but still invite one to dance shamelessly in the beautiful, warming and refreshing solstice. Leave your sense of shame back on that bookmarked naughty site you were most likely viewing and learn to respect art. These tracks will not be drenched in hyperbole but will absolutely be dripping wet of groove and rhythm.

1. Duck Sauce (Armand Van Helden & A-Trak)- aNYway |Fool’s Gold Records|

Armand Van Helden is a legend in the American house community while A-Trak is an anomaly in his own right. A-Trak, otherwise known as Alain Macklovitch, was crowned the youngest DMC World Champion at only 15 years of age while going on to win 4 more championships along with each of the Vestax and ITF Championships. I’m sure one can say that hard work and determination eventually pays off, but also being the younger brother of Chromeo’s David Macklovitch, one starts to question genetics. Van Helden and A-Trak collaborate under the Duck Sauce moniker to produce a jackin’ ode to perhaps Van Helden’s beginnings.

2. Calvin Harris- I’m Not Alone |Ultra Records, Fly Eye Records|

Yes- we all know he created disco, was acceptable in the 80s and most importantly, gets all the girls but while not writing and producing tracks for Dizzie Rascal, Kyle Minogue, Chromeo or Sophie Ellis-Bexter, Calvin Harris is busy touring around with Faithless and Groove Armada. Harris is a man of many of these so called different “genres,” so let’s not even bother. Good shtuff is good shtuff. Calvin Harris is good shtuff and so is the lead track off of his latest release, Ready For The Weekend. What also separates Harris from the rest of his colleagues is his exceptional live shows- and by live, I am not referring to him hiding behind his MacBook Pro. This track has a great hook and his vocals are the icing on the cake. The Deadmau5 and Tiesto remixes may get all the attention, but the Burns Rewerk is the most proper remix.

3. Lady Gaga- Poker Face |Universal Music Group|

lady gaga main Top 14 Dbmlabs Summer Soundtracks of 2009 house/dance/electro edition

When you’re number one inspiration is David Bowie and you’ve been through New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, one is almost certainly bound for greatness. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta received the name Gaga from the Queen track Radio Gaga, after early collaborator and producer Rob Fusari said her vocal stylings reminded him of the late Freddie Mercury. Unfortunately, the “pop” label is falsely synonymous with poor vocals, artificiality, bad music and cheesy hooks. Once in a blue moon a gifted song writer and vocalist comes along that couldn’t be further from this perpetual “pop” pipeline. The 80s had the Pet Shop Boys and this generation has Lady Gaga. Gaga understands the principles of showmanship, integrity and image better than most in today’s market and her success os no small coincidence. Poker Face is almost as addicting as Gaga’s Grace Jones influenced outfits and Andy Warhol -esque mannerisms. Poker Face also exhibits the cleverness of Lady Gaga’s lyrics and song writing. Perhaps a page from Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tenant, the vocals will always be right up front, audible and sly.

4. The Juan Maclean- Happy House |DFA Records|

John Maclean is one of DFA Records’ flag ship artists. The Juan Maclean is John’s stagename and usually includes vocalist Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem. While a guitarist in the dance-punk band Six Finger Satellite, he met sound engineer James Murphy. While John Maclean would leave his band to obtain a degree at Providence College and teach English in New Hampshire, Murphy would persistently check up on his close friend and continually urge him to get back into music. Fortunately for us, John Maclean found his way back into the music scene and continues to give us great records. Happy House is perhaps the epitome of The Juan Maclean sound- warm and fuzzy. This track does a great job of instilling a feeling of joy and exuberance.

5. Laidback Luke, Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello, Axwell- Leave The World Behind ft. Deborah Cox |Axtone Records|

The Swedish House Mafia…and the Phillipino turntablist from Holland. Kind of sounds like a descent sitcom. Laidback Luke and the rest of the Swedes have been on a tear lately. Everything they touch is gold. Each of these artists brings their own personalities to this epic track. The gorgeous Deborah Cox also lends her pipes to the collaboration. This is one of those peak time tracks that makes one just loose themselves.

6. Ramadanman & Appleblim- Justify |Apple Pips|

Laurie “Aplleblim” Osbourne and the young gun Ramadanman team up to bring a stellar, epic dub step track to the masses. After ensuring the success of the Skull Disco label, Appleblim went on to create the sub label Apple Pips. The track is definitely one of those cuts where you can hear what each of the collaborators brings to the session. Appleblim (and partner Sam “Shackleton”) are knows for their intricate, immaculate beats and rhythms, while Ramadanman brings the wall the of sound and melody to the party. Listening to this on a beach will definitely give your mind a full body workout.

7. Caspa & Rusko- King George |Aquatic Lab Records|

Caspa and Rusko join together to create the ultimate track combining elements from dub (step), reggae and other electronic influences. Also check out the track Soulful Geeza, also a collaboration effort by both of these artists. Both of these men have been pillars of the UK dub step, jungle and garage scene. There’s a lot of great things one can imagine doing while this track plays in the back ground.

Check back next week for the next 7 top summer soundtracks of 2009, brought to you exclusively by our author and editor Dan. Here is Part 2 of this update…