timofey Timofey in the studio with Dbmlabs Cadence Tee

DJ Timofey sent us his latest photo from the studio in Miami where he’s working on a secret project of his yet to be released.  He’s gonna be busy the next few weeks and hopefully we’ll get to meet up in Miami where I can get the low down on his newest work.  Check out his latest work on Timofey’s website and be sure to keep a lookout for his latest creations!  He’s got quite a following on youtube where he’s recognized as an Ableton master, providing tutorials and video guides on mixing and producing.  Check out his latest video, it’s just sick!

DSC 0089 600x398 DJ Timofey and Dbmlabs DJ Clothing at Radio NRJ

DSC 0054 600x903 DJ Timofey and Dbmlabs DJ Clothing at Radio NRJ

As usual, DJ Timofey in Russia is up to some business telling Radio NRJ about his current work and future productions at his label 17:44. Always wrapping things up at the radio station, Timofey busts out one his favorite Dbmlabs shirts, Paired Down Tee. Dbmlabs DJ Clothing out to represent!

Правда О_Dj Timofey from promo-ak on Vimeo.

Timofey had the chance to be in a national radio show in Russia and talked about his DJing and producing work. Props to him for sporting our Headspin shirt while mixing and interviewing with Russian Tv. I don’t what he’s saying but he sure damn looks good! Check out his super popular youtube page where he discusses producing and sampling in Ableton. He’s got 2.2 million views and 5,000 subscribers on his Timofey Youtube Page. He’s also produced several super dope house/electro tracks with his label 17:44 so he’s definitely working his talent.  Not only is he working on his own label, but he’s also supporting our Dbmlabs DJ Clothing label as well!
headspin black Dbmlabs Brand DJ Clothing and Apparel   Timofey Video in Russia